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Host: Shelly Roehrs

Facing gender discrimination shortly after enlisting her junior year in high school, she didn’t let that stop her, receiving Outstanding Airman of the Year (183rd Fighter Group, Springfield IL) because of her work after a deadly training accident. She’s now @RockinRoehrsRealtor on TikTok (licensed in CO & IL) and the Spokesperson for the League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region (LWVPPR) – God’s Country. God gave Shelly red hair because he knew she needed a warning label. This fiery redhead will keep the storytellers on track and you on the edge of your seat, literally and virtually.

Teller: Jim Rentz

As an ordained minister, pastor, chaplain in the US Army (with a tour in Vietnam), Doctor of Ministry and Master of Theology, pastoring and counseling have been Dr. Jim Rentz’ mission for life. Now retired, Jim is sharing some of his life lessons and experiences. Jim hopes that the insight from his experiences and his stories can open the door to conversations that may help others with struggles they have experienced or may experience. Yes, stories being told, and heard, can heal.

Teller: Tony Marr

Tony says “There is healing that comes through the telling and hearing of our experiences. The stories of our American heroes serve as a constant reminder of the driving force that makes us a great nation.” A literal Master Storyteller, (really Tony has a MA in storytelling) Tony Marr has spent years captivating audiences with his larger than life tales. An award winning speaker/storyteller Tony has engaged hundreds of audiences with stories of humor, hope, and history. Tony Marr’s Voices of Veterans program gives the men and women of our armed forces a public voice to share the message of their sacrifice and service.


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