Friday, May 1 @ 8 PM

Online Zoom storytelling event with featured tellers from the 2020 Stone Soup Festival hosted by the Stone Soup Storytelling Institute.

About this Event

Register using the ‘Free Ride Baby’ or the ‘Give What You Can’ ticket with your name, email and zip code. Please double check your email because this is where we will send a Zoom invitation which will have a clickable link and password you can use to enter the event via Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before you will be led through the process of downloading the Zoom app on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

You can use this link to practice connecting to Zoom: Zoom Test Link


7:55-8 PM: Gathering in the Zoom Waiting Room with Nicole

8:05 PM: Everyone except the storyteller muted to hear a 10 minute story.

** You will be unmuted between stories to show your appreciation and to allow for conversation with storytellers.

9:15 or so PM: With bellies full of the warmth of chowder tales have a lovely evening.


Lona Bartlett

Cooper Braun

Yasu Ishida

Simon Brooks

Paul Strickland

** Please consider using the “Give What You Can” ticket to put in the amount with which you are comfortable to support the work of Stone Soup and the Storytellers who are sharing their gifts in this wonderful event. If you would rather give through Paypal feel free to use the link below:

PayPal Link for Donations to Stone Soup


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