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Telling Stories Since 1985

Stone Soup at

MUSE 134

A dream for so long! Now a reality, thanks to the vision and generosity of Tom Davies and Karyn Page-Davies

  • Purchased in 2017,  MUSE 134 at 134 S. Main Street in Woodruff, SC
  • MUSE 134 is the new physical location for the Stone Soup Storytelling Institute

 MUSE 134 describes the unlimited uses and purpose for the building seeing how the nine muses, goddesses from the ancient Greek world, represent history, comedy, love songs, music, oratory, heroic poems, dance, astronomy and tragedy.

Now, there is a home for Stone Soup with a welcome entryway, listening-performance-activity room and facilities. The Stone Soup board and MUSE 134 have an understanding that Stone Soup events are priority for MUSE 134 usage.


  • Karyn has been the president and director of the Stone Soup Storytelling Institute/Festival since 2008.
  • Karyn’s passion for storytelling and the community has been steadfast and grown as the years have passed.
  • Karyn felt that Stone Soup needed a home that would support the traditional and a diverse expression for telling our stories and a variety of artistic expressions.
  • She coerced her husband, Tom (a skilled carpenter), into purchasing the building at 134 South Main Street in Woodruff to be that home.
  • Tom and his friends have renovated and renamed the building.
  • They tore out walls, replaced utilities, installed appliances and created space for a kitchen, studio apartment and area for a lounge in the back.
  • The building and the business is called MUSE 134.
  • More to come!

134 South Main Street

Woodruff, SC

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