Linda Goodman

Saturday, April 18

2:30-3: 30 pm

Woodruff Community Center

We are honoring storyteller, author, wonderful human Linda Goodman this year.
After moving to North Carolina and making connections with us Linda shared her marvelous stories of Appalachia and beyond with us on many occasions.
We realized that the bond between Stone Soup Storytelling  and this wonderful storyteller was special.

Linda went above and beyond with her support of the Stone Soup Storytelling vision and mission. 
Linda has been instrumental in the revitalization, growth and national recognition of the Stone Soup Storytelling Festival.  
Linda is the creator and developer of our Stone Soup New Voices event.
Linda has provided sustenance.  
Linda’s actions have help to lead us in ways that will enable future generations to experience the magic of storytelling.

We invite you to join us to honor Linda at this year’s festival.

Storytelling – A Link to the Past, a Bridge to the Future

 As I say good night, with you I leave The tales I tell, the words I weave. I seek to spread them far and near, To little child, to aged ear While I retreat to spin anew More Tales from the Tapestry for you.
—Linda Goodman
Linda and Regi

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