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General Information

Information and Registration
Information and registration is available here – 2021 Stone Soup Storytelling Festival VIRTUAL CONCERT – April 24th Seating
Virtual seating. Come one, come all. Register today and share with your friends. Doesn’t matter how many are behind your screen, only 1 ticket needed. Parking
Grab a drink, some snacks and park your bum in front of your computer, on your phone or however you log into Zoom and enjoy an evening of storytelling. Restrooms
Wherever you are, we hope there is a restroom. Lost and Found
If you can’t find your Zoom login search your email again for your registration. We look forward to finding you on the other side for the 2021 Stone Soup Storytelling Festival VIRTUAL CONCERT – Saturday, April 24th! Photography and Video or Audio Recording
Stone Soup will be recording the the festival and sharing them on the website and social media after the event. We encourage attendees to snap their own photos as the storytelling happens and share them. If you are sharing them on social media, please tag Stone Soup Storytelling and use #StoneSoup. Safety/First Aid
If you have an emergency, disconnect from Zoom and call 911. Please make sure that children under 12 remain with a parent or guardian at all times. Trash
Trash receptacles should be conveniently located around your area. Please help us keep Mother Earth clean by disposing of your trash in the receptacles and maybe pick up a piece or two the next time you are out and about. Alcohol/Smoking
In our virtual setting smoke and drink away. We will make sure you are muted. 😉