Stone Soup Institute is where the stories come to life

To educate

To entertain

To heal

We all have a story

We all need to be heard

Our Vision
Sharing stories. Building Community.
Through story and listening to each other's stories, we can build a better world.
Stone Soup Storytelling Institute is actively committed to the moral of the Stone Soup story: By working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good will be achieved.
Our Mission
To nurture and promote the traditional performance art of story. To educate, communicate, connect and entertain.
A Message from our President

Welcome to Stone Soup Storytelling where stories come to life. To educate. To entertain. To heal.
We are the official storytelling festival of South Carolina.

Our aim is to preserve the intimate feel and atmosphere of the oral tradition of storytelling. Storytelling that occurred around the crackling fires at night, on the front porch on a Sunday afternoon or on Main Street during a Saturday morning excursion into town. We want to you to immerse yourself in the words that you hear. Words that will to lift you into another space and time where your imagination and creativity comes alive.

We want to be a welcome place for everyone to come, to share and to listen.
A welcome place for storytellers to grow and bloom.
A welcome place for listeners to hear a new voice.
A welcome place to make new friends.

Welcome to Stone Soup where your story can come to life,
Karyn Page-Davies, President Stone Soup Storytelling Institute

Stone Soup Board Members

Karyn Page-Davies, President

Rodger Ellingwood
Tabitha Nelson-Cuyar
Beth Hoskins, Webmaster


Advisory Board

Lona Bartlett
Linda Goodman
Dan Hazard
Margaret Leininger
Cyn Massey
Cora Newcomb
Alyson Leslie Smith
Donna Tillman